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    Livestock companies convey the spirit of the "2019 Annual Work Conference" of the State-controlled Company of Learning Province

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            On March 4, 2019, the livestock company held a general staff meeting to convey the spirit of the "2019 Annual Working Conference" of the State-controlled Company of the province. The meeting was chaired by General Manager Zhou Guangming. Chairman Niu Li interpreted the spirit of the meeting from the original text of "Four Persistences, Four First and Four Rises".

            The meeting emphasized that learning and implementing the conference spirit of state-controlled companies is the most important political task at present. All employees should study carefully and understand deeply, firmly grasp the new connotation of "taking great responsibility and doing great things to promote the transformation and upgrading of companies and steadily march into a new era of high-quality leapfrog development". Companies should unify their ideas and actions into the decision-making and deployment of state-controlled companies, and do a good job in implementing them.

            The meeting demanded that the orientation of enterprises should be further sorted out around the 13th Five-Year Plan of State-controlled Companies and the general thinking of this year's work; that the standardized operation, steady operation, innovative development and risk prevention level should be upgraded; and that the work should be carried out around the company's business objectives and plans to reduce costs and increase efficiency and promote high-quality development.

            Finally, Chairman Niuli asks all employees of the company to make clear the direction of their goals and tasks, unite development efforts, strengthen work capacity building, enhance work enthusiasm, work hard, think carefully and do steadfastly so as to contribute new achievements to the development of the company in the new era.

            Everyone spoke one after another, saying that as a member of the state-controlled company system, I am very encouraged and proud! We are determined to work hard in the future to help the transformation and upgrading of state-controlled companies, achieve high-quality leapfrog development, and welcome the 70th anniversary of the founding of New China with outstanding achievements.